Terra Kings E2 Sponsor Profile

For generations SRT has been a leader in industrial manufacturing, supplying high quality, low cost products to their customers. The next generation will be no different while SRT brings their experience, innovation, and teamwork to the motorsports industry. Our goal is to engineer, manufacture, and supply products that meet the extreme conditions and expectations of the motorsports customer. To that end, we have put in place an infrastructure and built a foundation that ensures success and future growth in the motorsports industry.

SRT is dedicated to the development of innovative, high quality, affordable race and recreational motorsport products. The SRT engineering department takes a scientific approach in the design, planning, and manufacturing of our products. During the product development process, the SRT product evaluation team logs hundreds of test hours through the most extreme conditions. Our products meet the highest standards. We race what we sell.

At SRT the customer will always come first. We are the “get it done”, “no problem”, motorsports manufacturer that you want on your team.